Need to get my music in the pool.. Get at me asap. I'm looking through your website .. Can't find where to submit my music .. Let me know the business on how to pay.. Plus I have a video my single.. Or email me or call me 909-510-7176

ATL TOP 20 responded on 11/22/2017

Here's our full services link also.

Bonus Tracks are $350

ATL Top 20 Promo packages start at $500 (2-3 weeks)
$750 (3-4 weeks) $1000 (6-5 weeks) - $2000 (7-8 weeks).

Info Needed:
Main Version MP3, Artwork, Twitter, Instagram, Website info.

Optional information:
MP3's (Clean, Instrumental, Accapella), iTunes,
Soundcloud, Facebook, and Youtube information.

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